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Let Your Dentist Explain What Happens When You Have a Cavity

Most cavities are caused by plaque eating away at the enamel on teeth. Left untreated, plaque can ultimately eat a hole right into the tooth. Raleigh, NC dental patients have the luxury of choosing the best care for early cavity detection before serious and painful issues develop. But some people do not go to the dentist every six months as recommended and end up with large, painful cavities and areas of incredible tooth decay. You may wonder what happens if you have a cavity and what the possible outcomes are.

If You Seek Treatment

Keeping your dental appointment every six months as recommended for an oral cleaning and hygiene exam will allow your dentist to determine if an area of decay is developing. Some may be able to prevent cavities by removing plaque build-up, and others will catch areas of decay before they turn into big problems.


Dentists Explain How Tooth Restorations Improve Smiles

In today’s dental practice, great emphasis is placed on providing patients with functional dentition that looks both appealing and healthy. Dentists in Raleigh, NC and elsewhere offer extended cosmetic treatments to restore, repair and improve the smiles of their patients.

Tooth Anatomy

The very outer layer of the tooth is called enamel. It is the hardest part of the tooth composed of calcium crystals and does not contain any living tissue. Porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges closely mimic the enamel part of the tooth.